On a little note...

There is nothing more important than family. Family is everything. I hope you find yourself years from now, sitting down in a cozy couch with your love ones, reminiscing, smiling, laughing and cracking jokes while browsing throughout timeless images.

I crave to have a relationship with you. Yes, YOU! To get close and personal. To build a friendship that last a lifetime. To create magic with you and for you. To build memories that will make you and your love ones feel warm inside. One that will pass one from generation to generation. To make your heart smile. I long to be there experiencing with you those precious an unforgettable times to come. I will capture memories you will be able to treasure forever.

I understand family; I have my own. And  I am dedicated to preserving yours in photographs.

I take great pleasure in showcasing our style and philosophy on personal photography. I understand the ties and love that are formed in families, and I am dedicated to bringing out those bonds and memories. 

Hello! I am Jean, the lead photographer and owner of Jean Marie Photography. You can call me Jeannie. I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am a wife, a mother to the most amazing little girl and one passionate photographer. I fell in love over photography during my college journey as an marketing and advertising student. In my world there is nothing more beautiful than capturing stories through images. To freeze those moments we never want to forget - your own unique life adventure.

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